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Various Provisions of Short-Term Property Rentals

Published December 19th, 2023 and viewed 1165 times.

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Various Provisions

ARTICLE 6: Inspection and Regulatory Authority

(1) The Ministry has the authority to inspect rentals for tourism purposes, and if deemed necessary, it can also exercise its inspection authority through the governorship.

(2) The Ministry is authorized to eliminate the hesitations and problems related to the implementation that may arise during the implementation of this Law, to make the necessary regulations to ensure uniformity of implementation, and to determine the procedures and principles regarding the implementation of this Law.

PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1: Previous rentals for tourism purposes

(1) Those engaged in rental activities for tourism purposes at the time this article comes into effect are obliged to apply to the Ministry within one month from the date this article comes into effect to obtain a permit license. Those who fail to comply with this obligation will be subject to the provisions of Article 4. The procedures for issuing the permit license will be concluded within three months from the date of application. Those whose applications are not accepted cannot operate, but the rights of the users of these residences continue until the end of the contract period.

ARTICLE 33: Effectiveness

(1) The provisions of this Law;

  1. a) Articles 1 through 6, and Provisional Article 1 shall enter into force on 1/1/2024.

ARTICLE 34: Execution

(1) The President shall execute the provisions of this Law.


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Samet Çelmeli
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