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Purpose, Scope, and Definitions of Short-Term Property Rentals

Published December 19th, 2023 and viewed 1250 times.

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ARTICLE 1: Purpose and Scope
(1) The purpose of this law is to determine the procedures and principles regarding the rental of residences to individuals and legal entities for tourism purposes.

(2) This law covers provisions related to the general principles of renting residences for tourism purposes, the issuance of permit certificates, administrative sanctions, and the legislation applicable to residences rented for tourism purposes.

(3) Rentals exceeding one hundred days at a time are outside the scope of this law.

ARTICLE 2: Definitions 
(1) The term mentioned in this law;

a) Minister: Minister of Culture and Tourism,
b) Ministry: Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
c) Permit Certificate: Tourism rental permit issued to allow the lessor to rent his/her residence to real persons or legal entities for a maximum of one hundred days,
c) Permit Certificate Holder: The person who rents the house by issuing a permit in his name,
d) Lessor: The real or legal person who owns the house (Owner) or possesses the house by establishing usufruct or superficies,
e) Residence: Any independent section that is registered in the land registry for residential purposes or has a residential floor easement or condominium on it,
f) User: Real persons or legal entities who have made a rental agreement with the lessor for tourism purposes. (In other words "Tenant").
g) Rental for tourism purposes: Rental of residences to users for all purposes for a maximum of one hundred days,
g) Governorship: It refers to the governorship of the province where the house rented for tourism purposes is located.

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Samet Çelmeli
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