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Savor the Flavors of Alanya (Turkey)

Published December 26th, 2022 and viewed 1561 times.
  1. Köfte: This is a traditional Turkish dish made from minced meat, usually lamb or beef, mixed with herbs and spices. It can be grilled or fried and is often served with rice or bulgur.

  2. Lahmacun: Also known as "Turkish pizza," this thin, flatbread is topped with minced meat, vegetables, and spices. It is usually served rolled up and is a popular street food in Alanya.

  3. Döner kebab: This popular dish is made from slices of meat, usually lamb or chicken, that are cooked on a spit and served in a pita bread or on a plate with rice or vegetables.

  4. Börek: This savory pastry is made from layers of thin dough filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. It is often served as a snack or appetizer.

  5. Künefe: This sweet dessert is made from shredded phyllo dough filled with cheese and soaked in sweet syrup. It is often served hot and is a popular treat in Alanya.

  6. Turkish coffee: This strong, aromatic coffee is made by brewing finely ground coffee beans with water. It is often served with a glass of water on the side and is a staple of Turkish culture.

  7. Meze: This is a selection of small, appetizer-sized dishes that are served as a starter in Turkish cuisine. Examples include hummus, tzatziki, dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and various types of olives and pickles.

  8. Grilled seafood: Alanya is located on the Mediterranean coast, so it's no surprise that seafood is a staple of the local cuisine. Look for dishes like grilled octopus, calamari, and fish served with lemon and herbs.

  9. Baklava: This sweet, flaky pastry is made from layers of phyllo dough filled with nuts and soaked in syrup. It is a popular dessert in Turkey and can be found in many bakeries and cafes in Alanya.

  10. Raki: This anise-flavored liquor is a popular drink in Turkey, often served as an aperitif before a meal or with meze. It is typically diluted with water and ice.

  11. Turkish tea: This strong, black tea is a staple of Turkish culture and is served throughout the day. It is typically served in small, tulip-shaped glasses and is often accompanied by Turkish delight or other sweets.

Samet Çelmeli
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