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Turkish Legislation on Short-Term Property Rentals

Published December 19th, 2023 and viewed 3128 times.

The Turkish Law regarding the Rental of Residences for Tourism Purposes stands as a significant regulatory framework governing the burgeoning short-term rental market. This legislation outlines specific guidelines, obligations, and restrictions applicable to those offering residences for temporary stays. 

In line with the aforementioned objectives, this article will meticulously dissect the Turkish Law regarding the Rental of Residences for Tourism Purposes.

Please find the links provided below to discover the new law.

1. Purpose, Scope, and Definitions
   - Describes the objectives and scope of the law regarding the rental of residences for tourism purposes, including definitions of key terms used throughout the text.

2. Permit Certificate and Administrative Sanctions to be Applied
   - Explains the requirement for obtaining a permit before renting a residence for tourism purposes, the process for issuing permits, and the administrative sanctions that may be imposed for non-compliance.

3. Cancellation of Permit License
   - Outlines the conditions under which a permit may be cancelled, including failure to comply with the requirements of the law, termination of the rental activity, or notification by authorities that the property is being used in a manner that violates public order, security, or morality.

4. Various Provisions
   - Covers inspection and regulatory authority, as well as provisions related to previous rentals for tourism purposes and the effective date of the law.

Samet Çelmeli
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